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what the..

..well, it’s friday the 13th and I was going over some photos to post when i saw this.. notice the lower right frame? yeah, weird, right? probably my camera strap.. flare.. or maybe not.. *insert sinister music here*

..same place where i shot this..

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Maybe, just maybe it was a huge ass fly swooping by 😉

Lets follow her example and pray for a safe Friday the 13th… not that I really pray that much but guess it cant hurt either 😉

Like the cemetery as a foreground with that huge city as the backdrop…

Ops my previous comment must have caught someones attention… maybe it was the 13th spirit or some other power to be…. or maybe it was the bad word I used. anyhow it seems like it got hung up in your spam filter 😉

I love this! The view of Manhattan in the background is really great. The glowing business is a bit weird. I wouldn’t go back. As a matter of fact, I’m not going at all now. I also like that it’s in Queens and not NJ. Yes, I’m watching!

This shot is awesome Rian! The quiet of eternal life, with the present life of the city in the background. Spirits are all among us… Cool about the spirit standing there with you. 🙂

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