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moleman series: st patrick’s cathedral

..ahh, monday…

..for those of you who haven’t ventured inside the st. patrick’s cathedral on fifth avenue, here’s what it looks like..

28 replies on “moleman series: st patrick’s cathedral”

I’ve never been in a structure like this. Very ornate and you’ve captured it beautifully and very unique. You’re gonna think this is silly, but that center section running vertically reminds me of the inside of a casket. Looks like silk…

Because I have been here many times, I find this to be quite amazing. First, the somber lighting is always tricky and I don’t see any trouble with it here. Second, you can explain it a thousand times and I still won’t get how you get this perfect circle of a place without extraordinary measures. The view is perfect on all sides. Third… the ceiling when presented like this kind of looks like the inside of some alien creatures mouth. Right… I just ruined my whole comment with that, didn’t I? Wonderful pic Rian and maybe my favorite Moleman ever.

I think this is my favorite Moleman – the cream color is beautiful with a touch of red and one really can’t quite recognize what it is at first. Great detail and sharpness – beautiful processing…

Ok, this is the best moleman ever, its stunning. Alien mouth, casket, I see it all. This is an exceptional picture, so detailed and so roudn πŸ˜‰

Love it!

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