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moleman series: diamond district’s the bling-bling district.. shot wide open, hand held with ultra high iso, in the middle of the street.. colors are kind of blah so opted for the black and white..

The Diamond District is an area of New York City located on West 47th Street between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) in midtown Manhattan, within walking distance of many New York attractions. It is located one block south of Rockefeller Center, three blocks south of Radio City Music Hall (along the Avenue of the Americas), three blocks south of St Patrick’s Cathedral (along Fifth Avenue), and one block east of the Broadway Theater District. The Plaza Arcade, lined with shops, connects the street to Rockefeller Center.

The district was created when dealers moved north from an earlier district near Canal Street and the Bowery that was created in the 1920s, and from a second district located in the Financial District, near the intersection of Fulton and Nassau Streets, which started in 1931. The move uptown started in 1941. The district grew in importance when the German Nazis invaded the Netherlands and Belgium, forcing thousands of Orthodox Jews in the diamond business to flee Antwerp and Amsterdam and settle in New York City. Most of them remained after World War II, and remain a dominant influence in the Diamond District… (wiki)

**for those of you curious as to how it’ll look in color, here ya go..


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I like this in black and white! The lens effect is good with color, but this has a nice graphic quality that is very appealing. Super shot.

Great in b&w! Is this the first shot you have done in b&w for the moleman series? I cant remember any others in b&w but I may have just forgotten.

Nice! That head on, winged look like you did with RockCtr, I think. I think it’s very cool how you must see the symmetry in your mind before deciding how to go with the lens. Kudos for that. When I first opened it, I saw a slightly demonic smiley face. Was that just me?

thanks.. yep, i had a list of places that i’d want to give this effect to.. this was one of them.. i intentionally did the b&w to bring out the smiley.. you were the only one who noticed that.. kudos for that too.. 🙂 btw, i put a colored version up here..

Wow…that looks very cool in black and white. Strangely, I’ve not considered grayscale for night photos…no reason I shouldn’t though. This is nicely done.

I like the greyscale very much. Although the gold kinda fits the jewelry:-) I’d love to see those stores. Jewelry has also been important to me…a taste I acquired because my Dad was a jeweler and I was always around it. Love these fisheye captures.

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