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..this day last year i went to the Sakura Matsuri event at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.. now, i’ll just be on my couch surfing the net instead of lying down under these cherry blossom trees (see image below)..

cherry blossoms

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A spectacular cherry blossom shot. Somehow the red umbrella gives the picture added punch….hard to do with those beautiful trees. Nice shot.

Definitely different from laying around on the couch. It’s raining so hard and has been for so many hours, I’m sure many parts of our area are flooded. It’s be nice to see a real spring day in the sun right about now. Love the parasol. Neat touch to the gorgeous flowers.

wow! you’re missing out this year 🙂 ah, i miss cherry blossoms. none of that in montana. i think they started blooming in february in portland. gave you some wicked allergies but they’re so awesome looking.

This is gorgeous! The great stripes of colors and that red umbrella/parasol thing is really phenominal. If I saw someone with one of those I would have followed them all day! THat bid red circle could liven up any picture. This is crazy nice Rian.

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