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..taken near the east river park, dropping loogies on cars passing by.. i’m just kidding.. 🙂

Architecture Black n White HDR Photos street Urban


..a “normal” perspective of the helmsley building.. click here to read more about it and see a more “radical” perspective..

Black n White People Photos street Urban


..a couple waiting for a cab.. or the stop light to go green.. i can’t remember.. 🙂

*the page doesn’t seem to open up with internet explorer, i’ll try fixing this on the weekend.. in the meantime, this is a sign for you guys out there to jump ship and use mozilla/chrome already.. haha..

Architecture Fisheye moleman series Photos series Urban

moleman series: chase plaza

..i always seem to end my stroll sitting down in this place..

..same place where i shot this using a 15mm fisheye..


graffiti font

..still from 5 Pointz..

..tell me i’m not the only one who can’t read what’s written here..

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..well, i won’t be lounging at home the whole day today, i’ll be in my cube..’s another one from 5 Pointz..

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roofies and chimneys

..part of the view we had from the place we stayed in St. George’s..

Architecture Nightscape Photos street Urban

st. george’s police station

..a long exposure shot in front of the st. george’s police station.. try doing this in front of an NYPD station, let’s see what happens to you.. 😀

Architecture Fisheye Indoor moleman series Photos series Urban

moleman series: st. paul’s chapel (innards)

..from here, let’s go inside..



..still from the caves, some stalactites hanging from the cave’s ceiling.. an average growth rate of about 0.005 inches a year*, this 4 foot stalactite would be arout 9600 years..

*from wiki

Indoor Nature Photos

bermuda boat (part deux)

..okay, i decided to re-do thursday’s post and found another one of these bermuda boat photos.. enjoy! 😀

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..still from 5 Pointz i see the importance of leaving a signature in your work ..this graffiti’s sig + google = more of the artist’s work..

*credit goes to the artist.. i just pressed a button.. he did all the hard work.. ;D

Architecture Photos street things Urban

institute of higher burnin’

5pointz.. this is how it looks like from jackson avenue.. an ever-changing canvas of urban art.. this was taken last 2007, i wonder how it looks like now..

HDR Photos things


..i looked at yesterday’s image and it was ghastly (sorry about that).. i guess i need a monitor calibrator..

..shooting wide open at high iso was a good idea that time too.. i think i’ll just post some of those in my flickr later.. hehe..

..this here’s from the maritime museum.. the “swim with the dolphins” attraction is to the left..

Indoor Nature Photos things

bermuda boat

..looking at these pictures i had, i just noticed how similar these boats looked like..

..this one was taken at an underground lake in the fantasy caves.. the water was pretty clear and calm and the only thing disturbing it are the drops of water falling from the stalactites..

HDR Landscape Photos

flatt’s inlet

..i remember the wind blowing so hard that water was churning under flatt’s bridge (it’s somewhere in the left part of the frame, i think i’ll post another one later..) and through the inlet pretty hard while i took this..

..we were figuring out how to get to the crystal caves.. it was a long walk, good thing the friendly locals pointed us to the right direction.. ride a bus.. 😀

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three goats and a gun (reprise)

..remember this? well, i still have one more.. this one is taken a few steps further away from the first one..

Architecture Indoor Photos


..okay, back to bermuda.. this what your monday feels like? my advise.. go drink coffee.. lots and lots of it.. 😀

..just in front of the high cave on last friday’s post, there’s a bunker that serves as a mini-museum.. these are the narrow paths criss-crossing it.. not good if you’re a claustrophobe..

Architecture Fisheye moleman series Nightscape Photos series street Urban

moleman series: saint patrick’s cathedral (facade)

..what better way for a seasonal easter sunday post than this shot of the saint patrick’s cathedral a la moleman..
..amazing what a few steps and a different angle could do to change how an image looks.. the reason why i had this one tilted so high up is because of the scaffolding surrounding the cathedral, it just doesn’t look for this one, i tried covering it up with light trails which seemed to do the trick.. (i guess)

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highbridge peeking

..taken at the same time and place as this one.. the Highbridge Water Tower, peeking through the treetops..

HDR Nature Photos things

a boat in a cave

..still from the keep, this is called the high cave.. this body of water doesn’t go anywhere.. the boat is probably for tourists falling in the water..

Photos things


..taken on the elevated, western tip of bermuda.. a fortress.. now a museum that houses a dolphin pool.. and a propeller..

Architecture street

scent back to trail

..if you look at THIS.. walk around to the right.. take a few steps.. turn right again.. take a few steps again.. turn around.. voila! you’ll see this.. the bermuda perfumery..

Architecture Photos street


..okay back to bermuda.. taken on a walk along front street, looking for some grub.. saw these pretty cool scaffolds that are a whole lot different than those i usually see in nyc.. that over there is the missus.. ;D

Black n White Nightscape Photos street Urban

moleman series: diamond district’s the bling-bling district.. shot wide open, hand held with ultra high iso, in the middle of the street.. colors are kind of blah so opted for the black and white..

The Diamond District is an area of New York City located on West 47th Street between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) in midtown Manhattan, within walking distance of many New York attractions. It is located one block south of Rockefeller Center, three blocks south of Radio City Music Hall (along the Avenue of the Americas), three blocks south of St Patrick’s Cathedral (along Fifth Avenue), and one block east of the Broadway Theater District. The Plaza Arcade, lined with shops, connects the street to Rockefeller Center.

The district was created when dealers moved north from an earlier district near Canal Street and the Bowery that was created in the 1920s, and from a second district located in the Financial District, near the intersection of Fulton and Nassau Streets, which started in 1931. The move uptown started in 1941. The district grew in importance when the German Nazis invaded the Netherlands and Belgium, forcing thousands of Orthodox Jews in the diamond business to flee Antwerp and Amsterdam and settle in New York City. Most of them remained after World War II, and remain a dominant influence in the Diamond District… (wiki)

**for those of you curious as to how it’ll look in color, here ya go..


Architecture HDR Photos Urban

a path, a park, and a bridge

..well, i guess i’m a sucker for bridges like some of you noticed.. 🙂

Photos Sculptures

skeletal wreck

..i know, i know.. this ain’t a wreck.. it’s just that i couldn’t think up of a title.. well, enjoy the weekend.. 🙂

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chelsea styles

..taken on a stroll through chelsea..

*i’ve uploaded some images from this photoblog to panoramio and geo-tagged them if you’re curious where i take my photos..

Architecture Fisheye moleman series Photos series street Urban

moleman series: times square II

..on a whim, here’s another one from the moleman series.. i could’ve named this the sewer rat series.. i think that sounds better.. hmm..

Indoor Nature Photos

aqua room

..i want a bedroom just like this one..

..taken at the aquarium..