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..another awesome shot by wifey.. and if you’re wondering if we got mutant trees, i’d tell you no.. i just did a selective color thingamajig to make the birdy more prominent, it’s hard to tell where it is with all the green leaves around it.. even i had a hard time finding these birds camouflaged in these trees but wifey had no problem locating them.. talk about good eyesight, i guess i should eat my veggies too..

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You’ve done a great job of giving the Cardinal a prominent look in this shot. He’s a beautiful bird – wish we had those around here. Fine image.

Great! Nice bird color. Not positive about the color of the leaves, but I know what you mean. You two can be a team like Framed and Shot! You, architecture. Her, nature.

i like the color work you’ve done here! it feels seasonless – i’m not a huge fan of green foliage in photographs a lot of the time so i find these colors refreshing.

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