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sprawled this is the best thing you could do the whole weekend..

..except maybe look for a more comfy place to do it (see image below)..


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I agree with Terry the cropping totally changed this image! The cropped one looks like she is alone in a grassy field. And then with the original you provided we see she is sleeping right in the middle of a busy park with tons of people all around! Really cool and thanks for sharing both versions.

Maybe she fainted or had an aneurysm and there you are taking pictures!

I agree with the cropping thing. Amazing, what a difference it makes! The blurring above and below was a nice, well thought out touch, too. Sprawled is a good title, because Comfy wouldn’t have been quite right. Married to the Mob might have been good as well ! Rat-a-tat-tat… divorce!

hahaha. you really made it feel like she found a field all to herself in the top one. looks like its barely big enough to fit in though for real 🙂

I don’t think the pictures are croped! there are 2 different images. I like the dof in the first one! and the seccond is perfect to understand the mood of the first one:D

A very relaxed looking shot of this sprawling person. I like how you gave us a picture of the setting. You did a good job of making the shot work but cutting out all the other people.

as others say such a contrast between the 2 images. in the second image the people seem as oblivious to her as she seems to them.

i also like the contrast between this image and the one before it. two women lying on the grass and yet so different in tone – the young one very carefree and this one she looks exhausted and there looks to be lots of worry on her brow. makes me think about how things change and how much work it is sometimes stay loose.

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