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..taken while walking down the streets of Biloxi, some bird (i guess it’s a pelican) gliding through the air currents.. my wife saw this first and pointed it out.. i just had a mid zoom on so i just maxed it out and snapped away, only when i uploaded it at home did i see the flares, which i think is pretty cool.. 🙂

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Great capture!! I stink at birds, so I always admire those that can get them. And the flares…you get those with the higher aperture….hard to see at the time. But the higher you go, the more you get.

ya — i like the flares — i like how the gull is in between them (or inline with them i guess) and the lighting on it’s tail and the back of the wings — zam pow!

Fantastic capture! I agree with you on the flare. At rare times it can be distracting but in general I think it gives the viewer a feeling of having the sun or light source in their eyes, and really seeing the image as if they were there. Great call on not editing it out or skipping the photo.

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