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super pedicabbie

..i’m sure you’ll get to your destination in no time when you get this pedicab..

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Very nice shot! If you have a short way to go, these are far more relaxing and fun than sliding all over the back seat of a cab as it races and turns and beeps!!! I think this would make a great weight loss program, too! Nicely captured.

He looks quite happy and intent – nice candid capture and of course you would get there before any of those cabs stuck in traffic would. How many times have you gotten out of a cab because it is faster to walk? That is the reality of the city…

this is indeed an excellent street portrait because you have captured the expression and determination in his face when he’s doing his job. love the colors also! =D

the light in this shot is superbly fantastic. wow. love his expression too 😉 that would be a helluva lot of work to haul some other people around behind you. oof.

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