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emperor’s clothes

..pretty disturbing post for a regular day, but since traffic’s pretty slow on a sunday, here goes..

..anybody wanna take a guess at why this guy is dressed like this? πŸ˜€

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was going to say ‘no pants on subway day’ which i read about today in the paper – second guess was Gay Pride Parade.

this got a laugh from me. any day is a good day to come here.

I’m hoping it’s because of Pride Week. If there is another reason, I’d certainly like to hear it.

Rian… you’ve chosen a great image to start off the week. I’ll only need one cup of coffee this morning! Really, though, this is a unique and well captured image!

I thought it was a woman, and now feel better when read it was a man :))) Pride week ? maybe, but there would be more of them . So, my guess is that man is not normal :)) Anyway, that is super catch. If I catch something like that I will pull up his skirt to check some other stuff and shot it for sure ..ha ha

Well I do know that yesterday was the Gay Pride Parade so my guess would be something to do with that…otherwise…I’m not sure I want to know…it is pretty disturbing! LOL!!!

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