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..this one looks similar to yesterday, but it’s an older bus on a different background.. taken along the yale campus.. and as if i didn’t have too much on my plate already, i went ahead and made a place to house b&w renderings of the images i post here daily..

..view this in mono..

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I viewed it in greyscale and tried to leave a comment, but it didn’t take it. In greyscale it has the appearance of a painting/sketch combination of sorts. I like the colors of this bus. Not the typical color combo I’ve seen. I also noticed it’s not attached overhead. Really nice.

oh wow. looks good both. sign of a great photo right. holds up in terms of color, lighting, and composition 😉 really a cool shot. that building behind it is crazy.

Interesting architecture in this nicely framed shot. The bus is cool too, (campus bus?) are all the buses there like this or is this a special one ? Great exposure as well, nice all around.

A fine shot of the bus in a very nice setting. I like the color version for its natural look. It is always interesting how a black and white version is essentially a very different picture. Both good, but unique.

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