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pepsi co

..the city from the other side of the river..

..see this in mono..

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I’m right back :)) Did you mean – pepsi col :)) or pepsi cool shot ? Wonderful shot, Rian ! Great combination of modern architecture on other side of the river and this construction stuff here, where you were !

In the blogasphere of Coca-Cola signs this is uniquely different and the from behind capture is even more unique. Beautiful scene of the city as well.

thanks, john.. i’m not in nyc now, but the fireworks were amazing.. i was watching it on the tv a while ago.. ;D have a great 4th too.. 😀

Hi, my first comment here. You’ve got a very cool photolog, a wonderful digitalized chaos. I like the way you’ve softened the contrast and tempered the color to produce a very pleasant image. An unusual point of view as original as genuine. Bravo.

oh sweet. i saw that massive billboard from the top of the GE building. ha. maybe i’ll post a picture of it from the city side tonight for you 😉

Just beautiful and original… Awesome landscape view by the UN building; the realization of a trade world. Soon Red Bull advertisement over the Everest Mountain… Good week.

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