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sheep’s meadow more day to relax before another work week..

..mindy was asking me how i did the fake tilt shift a few posts ago, check it out here if you’re so inclined to do so.. it’s a new blog containing my brain farts.. lol..

..view this in mono(IR)..

21 replies on “sheep’s meadow”

Like the trees in the IR image, and the architecture and people in this one. Beautiful summer day, enjoy the moment Rian. Always something interesting going on in New York. Great capture.

What a busy place. I can’t imagine people lying around in a park like that here. Of course part of it would be the extreme heat. It’s neat seeing scenes like this.

Terrific framing with the trees on either side. A view that never ceases to amaze – sort of like a beach view except on grass and surrounded by very tall buildings.

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