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franklin mountain view++

Photo Friday (On The Horizon) here was the view from the parking lot, and this one’s the view from when you get off at the end of the tram ride..

*my theme’s not suited for panoramas so just click on this thumbnail below to supersize it..

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chicago skyline

..this here is just a small slice of this panorama that i got down there. click the thumbnail to supersize it, it might take a while, it’s huuge! this was taken on a verrry cold, windy winter day from adler planetarium..


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butt shot

..a fellow shutterbug shooting this fine lady’s backside..

*biggie size

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..gas price back then was 30c/gal..

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oceanside pier



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..chattanooga, as viewed from lookout mountain..


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stage one

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downtown atlanta

..woke up a bit early to get this scene..

..supersize me..

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georgia dome

..went to see a football game this weekend, here’s a (several) snap(s) of the stadium..

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ford convertible

..i don’t know much about this vehicle, but it’s black, shiny and a convertible..

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bye bye bama

…well, that’s all folks, bye bye Bama.. 🙂 i’ll be heading west via I-10, any photo tips?

*this is a bandwidth heavy post, that’s one huge supersized image below, and that vid’s pretty big too.. enjoy.. 🙂

Bye Bye Bama from Digitized Chaos on Vimeo.

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citycenter pano

..i didn’t get the name of that sculpture that looks like an onion..

..supersize me..

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on the rocks

..must feel great waking up with this scene.. check out that house on the cliff.. viewed supersized..

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5 pointz simpsons

..a tribute to the simpsons.. 🙂 best viewed supersized..

simpsons pano

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..arriving early has it’s benefits, you get to roam around and shoot more..

..view this in mono.. viewed supersized..

Madison Square Garden (supersized)
Madison Square Garden (supersized)
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lower canal

..the view from our room.. this is lower canal street on the lower left frame, the big flat building on the left is the audobon insectarium, next is the westin(?) at the end of the street is what i believe is the world trade center building.. all in all a great view.. 🙂

..view this in mono..

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sheep’s meadow more day to relax before another work week..

..mindy was asking me how i did the fake tilt shift a few posts ago, check it out here if you’re so inclined to do so.. it’s a new blog containing my brain farts.. lol..

..view this in mono(IR)..

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cyber downtown

..five image stitch panorama of downtown manhattan taken from the staten island ferry.. i could’ve had the bridges on the right too if not for the crowd of tourists on the right side..

..this template’s not suited to panoramas so click the thumbnail below for the biggie sized version..

cyber downtown (biggie)

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..i’m almost done tagging, i wish i could’ve done this earlier on.. argh..’s the brooklyn heights promenade.. best viewed supersized (click the thumbnail below)


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doggie runway

..a few steps away, a doggie runway..

..look at the image below to see what i’m talking about.. 🙂

Doggie Runway

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5pointz pano’s the premier concrete canvas in long island city, 5pointz

..from wikipedia..

5 Pointz: The Insitute of Higher Burnin’ is an industrial building in Long Island City, Queens, where graffiti has been allowed.John Roleke of writes: “5 Pointz is a living collage of graffiti art covering a converted warehouse full of artist studios”. 5 Pointz is known worldwide, and taggers or graffiti artists from all over the world have come there paint graffiti. 5 Pointz has been the subject of articles in newspapers such as The Christian Science Monitor, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, and the International Herald Tribune.

As The Christian Science Monitor puts it: “The Gatekeeper of New York’s ‘graffiti mecca’ is Meres who decides who paints – and how long it stays.” Jonathan Cohen, or “Meres,” has been in charge of the 5 Pointz graffiti museum since 2002.

It is suggested to e-mail Cohen to get his permission before painting at 5 Pointz. If he is not familiar with an artist, Cohen will ask for a sample of their work; if it is a mural, he will ask for a layout as well.

The name “5 Pointz” represents the five boroughs of New York City. One of the first graffiti there was a portrait of Jam Master J, an important member of the early hip hop musical style. here for a larger view..


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Hah-vahd Yahd

Mulling over last weekend’s seemingly spontaneous meanderings around Philly, this weekend was a little bit premeditated.. I even bought a travel book! A travel book about Boston! (New York’s rival lol). I even went to Harvard! 🙂
This is Harvard Yard. Supposedly pronounced by locals as “Hahvahd Yahd”. Oddly enough, I haven’t met anyone who spoke like that. Click on the thumbnail below for a larger image of Harvard Yard. Also check out the route I took around Boston, care of

(L)eft – Harvard Hall

White Spire – Memorial Church

(C)enter – University Hall

(R)ight – Massachusetts Hall

Harvard Yard

Boston Route

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Today’s expedition brought me to a lighthouse at Roosevelt Island’s northern tip. Here’s a brief history of the lighthouse I got from

This 50-foot-tall, gray gneiss, Gothic-style lighthouse was built in 1872. It is not an official Coast Guard lighthouse, but it was commissioned by the city. The lighthouse’s purpose was to “effectually light” the nearby New York City Insane Asylum for boats navigating the treacherous Hell Gate waters. It was designed by architect James Renwick, Jr., whose other works include Smallpox Hospital and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Inmate labor was probably used in the city-run project, but to elaborate much on its construction is to explore legend.

The legendary mysteries are the names of Asylum inmate(s?) John McCarthy and Thomas Maxey and whether these two names refer to one person, two people or even existent people. Supposedly, before the lighthouse was built, McCarthy (or Maxey), fearing a British invasion, was constructing a four-foot-high clay fort on this site. Asylum officials let him finish the fort because, during his adrenaline-rushed work, he reclaimed significant areas of marsh. (They even gave him old Civil War cannons as encouragement.) When the city wanted to build the Lighthouse, officials bribed or persuaded McCarthy either to give up or to demolish the fort.

Whether McCarthy complied or not is the choice of the storyteller, but the fort did come down. Then, supposedly, another Asylum patient was summoned to build the Lighthouse. This inmate styled himself “Thomas Maxey, Esq., architect, mason, carpenter, civil engineer, philosopher, and philanthropist.” The lighthouse was built, though adherence to Renwick’s blueprint is questionable. Despite Thomas Maxey’s supposed labor, John McCarthy’s name was credited on a plaque that remained at the Lighthouse’s base until its mysterious disappearance in the 1960s:

This work
was done by
John McCarty
who built the light
house from the bottom to the
top all ye who do pass by may
pray for his soul when he dies.

The Lighthouse was decommissioned in the 1940s, designated a city landmark in 1975, and partially restored the following year. In 1998 an anonymous grant of $120,000 funded complete restoration (including internal lamps).

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Cold days like this make you want to cower in the warmth of your bed or in our case, surf movies in our local theater. We were planning to watch Cloverfield but got tickets for Mad Money instead to qualify for the “early bird” rate (yeah, we’re cheapskates). It was a good thing that the former didn’t go first, lest we suffered dizziness & headaches throughout the day – my temples are still throbbing while writing this. I mean, really, it was a poor judgement on our part not to read about the movie before hand. Honestly, it was crap. The remedy for our headache may have been the next movie, Meet the Spartans, which was totally hilarious. I highly recommend this.

The nightscape pano above was taken at DUMBO last December. On the movie Cloverfield, they obliterated the Brooklyn Bridge. Watching a monster rampage around Manhattan feels kind of weird because the setting is so familiar. It makes you wonder what to do if you were in their (the characters) place. It still doesn’t change the fact that the “shaky camera” style sucked big time.

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Concrete Canvas 02

Stitched 5-6 exposures to come up with this.

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Manhattan Pano

I again recently got to test how steady my grip was. A single shot just wouldn’t cut it so I just stitched 4-5 not-so-sharp exposures in a pano to minimize the blur. 🙂

  • Shot hand held on the “Rock” with only the ledge to steady my grip. (I guess tripods aren’t allowed, except for the “official photographer” who’ll sell you a shot for a not so reasonable price.)
  • Freezing winds buffeted my gloveless hands.
  • The widest I could go was 3.5
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where’s the parade?

It’s the first day of OHNY 2007, and the first time for us to join, unlucky for us the weather was a bit overcast and gloomy. To the left is St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the view was fantastic not unlike viewing St. Patrick’s from below we had a different perspective of the cathedral along with fifth avenue. To top it off, peering over Rockefeller Center Rooftop Garden there was a parade going on so the short wait was worth it.

In a few months, the building in the middle (Saks Fifth Avenue) will be adorned with lights for the holidays.