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BoA Tower

..just like food critics, there are also architecture critics.. catty, feisty critics.. here’s an excerpt from James Russell’s piece about the BoA tower..

Ungainly Matron

The 54-story result is among the most ungainly forms on the skyline, like a matron who swathes herself in thick layers of fabric in a vain attempt to slim her burgeoning silhouette. The tower climaxes with a spire as impressive as an auto antenna..(more)

..view this in mono..

16 replies on “BoA Tower”

hahaha. i rather like the variety of angles and faces. the top does seem reminiscent of the radar deck on an aircraft carrier perhaps :p — looks like a really good day in the park. relaxing. 🙂

I like both the mono and saturated color one. The people in the foreground really make the shot more…humanized. So, is this the park where the fashion shows are each year?

He’s a wordy little fella, aint’t he?:-) Looks like folks are attempting to deal with the heat. I like the reflections of structures on structures.

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