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nyc half

..despite the hot, humid conditions, the half marathon last sunday was a fun run.. the initial hydrating stations were a mess, i think i drank too much gatorade, i wore the wrong shoes (= blisters), and they ran out of medals (boo)..

..i also held back because i was waiting for the wifey’s text message from our predetermined photo op areas and hopefully get in some crazy poses, but due to crazy traffic, and people milling around, she just got some shots of me from the finish line..’s a where’s waldo type of shot..

..view this in mono..

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i didn’t know you were a runner, i used to run long distance, well not that long, 7 – 10 miles a day, i used to love it, till my body gave out lol anyway, i have no idea where you are in this pic!! hope you had fun, too bad you didn’t get a medal tho 🙁 and uh, nice shot!!!

Well it looks like a pretty chaotic scene. Congrats on doing the run. I run almost daily, at least 4 days/week, but I don’t think I would try one of these.

thanks! it’s odd that you mentioned that.. a cold bottle of beer was the first thing i craved for after crossing the finish line.. 😀

Yay you! Great accomplishment! I’ve only run a half marathon once- would love to run this race some day…and the Boston marathon just for good measure! 😉
You should head down this way and run the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta-fun race, cold beer, and great t-shirts…oh yeah, and hot as hell-on the fourth of July!
Great shot, by the way-really captures the experience!

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