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famous door

..back from new orleans, it was a great place to explore and would certainly try going back again.. did a lot of touristy stuff and stuffed food like crazy.. this here was shot while strolling down bourbon street at night.. i have no idea how it looks like at daytime, but at night, it sure was really wild.. my wife’s gaydar blew up  that time because this labor day weekend was the time they celebrated Southern Decadence, so i guess if you’re a single straight male planning to go there on the labor day weekend, i highly suggest you refrain from doing so.. ;D’s one shot i thought of posting for today but wasn’t really a clear capture, but was worth sharing anyways..

trust jesus
trust jesus

..view this in mono..

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Interesting window “frame” and your color is terrific as for the other shot I lol because I do believe those folk do have trust issues since they do not seem to be following the straight and narrow…

I’ve been to New Orleans, but only in the daylight:-) Interesting town with lots of great history. I hope some of the history remains after Katrina. Nice capture, Rian.

Great colors – so vibrant. We were in N.O. on Labor Day a few years back, and stumbled on the Southern Decadence extravaganza. What a blast! Not so cool (it was hot), not so clean fun, but lots of fun anyway.

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