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like a sore thumb

..nothing much going on here, snow was here and gone just like that.. a long weekend, let’s see where i end up going again.. in the meantime, here’s 3 park avenue..

3 Park Avenue is an office building located on Park Avenue at 33rd Street in New York City, built by Cohen Brothers Realty. The 554 foot tall (169 meters) building was designed in the International Style by Shreve, Lamb and Harmon, designers of the Empire State Building, and replaced Clinton & Russell’s armory for the New York National Guard’s 71st Regiment.
The first 11 floors of the 41 story building house Norman Thomas High School, H.S. 620 in the New York City public school system.
The building is notable for its bright orange brick and 30 story illuminated tower which lies at a 45 degree angle to Manhattan’s street grid.
The IEEE corporate office is on the 17th floor of 3 Park Avenue. International advertising company Carat, The Seavey Organization, Inner City Broadcast Holdings (WBLS/WLIB) and TransPerfect are also major tenants.(wiki)

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The color and angle of this building really stands out like this. A great shot. The green building provided too much interest and kept taking me away. The detail in this is really great. I can see the cars and people on the street. The pulling out of the shadows was really well executed in this as well.

Incredible shot and I love the post processing! A high school?! That is wild!

Our snow came and went in a hurry too…barely had time to stick to the ground. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted!

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