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king bacchus

..well, today is mardi gras and it doesn’t get more mardi gras than this, Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints QB) in costume (as king bacchus) throwing beads to the rabid crowds.. pretty crappy shot, but what the heck, this is the only decent shot i got.. i’ll be posting some shots here in the following days, if i don’t then, just check it out on my flickr..

..lemme tell you, catching beads ain’t a walk in the park.. we saw a sobbing young girl holding a bloody hanky over her mouth, i guess she was hit by those flying beads.. i managed to catch a few beads too, not intentionally but just to shield the front element of my lens from being smashed by those beads, and boy were they heavy..

Bacchus was organized in 1968 by a group of New Orleanians who wanted to break with Carnival tradition by opening membership to out-of-town visitors and guests. They also wanted to present “the biggest and best parade and most imaginative, animated floats.” They have several signature floats, including King, Queen and Baby Kong and a dinosaur known as “Bacchasaurus.”
Saints quarterback Drew Brees will reign as Bacchus.
Did you know: This organization was one of the first to have celebrity monarchs. (