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daphne seascape

..okay, what do you call this if it were taken on a Bay and not a Sea..? a bayscape?.. 🙂 forecast said scattered thunderstorm when i was shooting this, there were dark clouds, thunder & lightning all around but i was still shooting, dumb eh?

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Incredible landscape . Tones are perfection . NO dumb , why dumb ! It was worth . Maybe these tones would not be like that if it was sunny with blue sky !

I like the sharp-at-my-feet focus that continues right out to infinity. The beach color is distinctive and with the limb pointing us out over the bay it makes a strong picture. Well done.

i’m impressed. i think seaweed is really hard to photograph in any sort of an appealing way and you make it look good here. the lines of the seaweed work so well with the other lines in the composition.

I love the processing of the clouds and the water surface. The stick and foam add to the mood too.
Sitting with a stick by the bay
Watching the clouds thunder away
I’m just sittin’ with my 40D
Catchin’ the light.

It may have been dumb but look at what you got! The things we do!!! And yes, a bayscape sounds good to me. I especially like the heart in the sand. 🙂

Wow. After all the previous posts makes me wonder if the pink tint of the sand isn’t the blood of all those sea critters! Great perspective here – the drift wood just draws the eye further and further into the scene.

This is just perfect, the way the piece of wood leads the eye into the frame, and the beautiful crisp and clear color merge, gives this image an amazing look, this is clearly one for the wall.

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