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black pine

..the mind is an amazing thing, it makes you see things that aren’t really there.. what did you think of after looking at this tree?

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That wonderful old tree hangs on to life, and you did a great job with the image. What do I think of after looking at it? A cartoon duck comes to mind, and so does a seahorse.

At first look the top of the tree is quite surprising. But thinking about it, it’s the normal thing for a tree to grow to catch the light. But what you caught, Rian, is quite extraordinary.

Such a cool shot of this old tree, as to what do I see after looking at it, well looking at anything wont change what I see or m thinking of our NEw granddaughter just delivered less than half an hour ago 🙂

i guess life hasn’t been easy for this poor pine tree.
and look… no birds want to make nests in its branches neither.
it’s a little sad.
but don’t feed the tree, because it will follow you home
and then what will you do?

LOL at Seraphine! I see strength and detmination in this tree against all odds. It would have been an inspiration to me a year ago while I was going through major life changes.

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