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getty blues

..spent a day at the getty..

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I like the brilliance of the building against that gorgeous blue sky. The city in the distance gives the shot a nice feeling of depth.

Nicely shot….the Getty, what a wonderful place perched up on the hill, and what beautiful workmanship and materials went into building it. There is an old Getty mansion (possibly once a museum) out in Malibu that is really cool too. Looks like your having a fun trip.

also one of the places i’d like to visit.

i like how this one is so much about the woman though – her posture with eating something that looks juicy – and that vibrant, happy skirt.

you know what ? I was scrolling down this picture and find it much more appealing if you crop off the bottom of this picture . ( till this pink color , just head of the girl and white top ) . This bottom and brown earth is out of this frame !

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