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..adobe establishments in el paso, tx..

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mini gt

..shot a few of my buddy’s scale model classic cars while we were resting in Houston.. here’s a gt 500

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..went and saw a free light, pyro & water show at san diego..

*just read this guy’s impression of the show..

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the lord’s day

San Elizario Chapel, as known as La Capilla de San Elcear, was never a mission, but it functioned as a presidio chapel. It provided the religious needs of a presidio or an outpost of military personnel. The presidio was moved to the present site in 1789, to protect travelers and settlers along the Camino Real (Royal Highway) which ran from Mexico City through Juarez City, Mexico then called Paso del Norte to Santa Fe, NM. Its close proximity to the Ysleta and Socorro missions also provided protection for them.
When Mexico became independent from Spain in 1821, the military presence at the presidio decreased. By 1848, the presidio had fallen into ruins. Rebuilding efforts began in 1853, with a small church. This proved inadequate and the present structure was completed in 1882. The exterior appearance has ever since changed very little.
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v train

..same place where i got the van horn ‘V’ on the mountain side..

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..taken somewhere between fort stockton, tx & van horn, tx..
..supersized image (click thumbnail)..

..and for the remaining videos of our road trip..
..third leg, part one, Fort Stockton, TX to El Paso, TX..

..third leg, part two, El Paso, TX to Willcox, AZ..

..fourth leg, part one, Willcox, AZ to Tombstone, AZ

..fourth leg, part two, Tombstone, AZ to Phoenix, AZ..

..fourth leg, part three, Phoenix, AZ to California

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breakfast in texas

..second leg, part two – san antonio, tx to fort stockton, tx..

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van horn

..good thing there’s free wifi.. 🙂 here’s a town we passed by along i-10.. van horn, tx..

Van Horn is a town in and the county seat of Culberson County, Texas, United States. The population was 2,435 at the 2000 census.

..second leg, part one (houston, tx to san antonio, tx)

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..taken somewhere between san antonio & fort stockton..

..i was also shooting stuff for a video log of the trip.. if you don’t mind getting a headache, then watch them..

first leg, part one (mobile, al to texas border)..

first leg, part two (texas border to houston, tx)..

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bye bye bama

…well, that’s all folks, bye bye Bama.. 🙂 i’ll be heading west via I-10, any photo tips?

*this is a bandwidth heavy post, that’s one huge supersized image below, and that vid’s pretty big too.. enjoy.. 🙂

Bye Bye Bama from Digitized Chaos on Vimeo.

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..some old guy rummaging around in a yard sale..

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Whitewall tires or white sidewall (WSW) tires are tires having a stripe or entire sidewall of white rubber.

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..we’re celebrating the 112th year of our independence back in the philippines..

..walk with pride.. 🙂

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group of four trees

Group of Four Trees, 1969-72
Jean Dubuffet
The Chase Manhattan Bank Plaza, off Pine Street, between Nassau and William Streets.
Group of Four Trees is a black and white sculpture standing just in front of the black and white Chase Manhattan Bank building. The similarities between the sculpture and building, however, stop there. The building’s straight lines and evenly-spaced rows of windows stand in contrast to the irregular surfaces of Group of Four Trees. The forms of the trees are made up of a series of varying planes, all white, and connected together by thick black outlines. The trees’ canopies lean in different directions, and the heights of the four trees are all different, making the viewer’s eye move all around the sculpture, following the many lines that are present.(source)
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..was lucky enough to get up close to this jittery bird, i guess this one’s used to us bipeds already..

*SOOC except for the vignette

*changed title, i liked mark‘s comment.. 😀

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..git ’em fishes while they’re still fresh..

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black pine

..the mind is an amazing thing, it makes you see things that aren’t really there.. what did you think of after looking at this tree?

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..a Dunlin (in between breeding & intermediate plumage), taken a month ago, that part of the beach is closed now..

Dunlins are sparrow-sized sandpipers with long, black, droopy bills and relatively long, black legs. In breeding plumage, Dunlins are comparatively easy to identify because of the conspicuous black belly patch and rufous cap and mantle. In the nonbreeding season, they are plain gray-brown on their upper parts and white below. A prominent white wing stripe, seen in flight, is present in all plumages.

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..back in nyc i had the habit of gazing up and thinking of cool stuff to shoot, but here in alabama, this is what i see when i look up.. 🙂

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..yep, under the pier again, hope you guys don’t get tired of these shots.. 😀

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one chase plaza

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daphne seascape

..okay, what do you call this if it were taken on a Bay and not a Sea..? a bayscape?.. 🙂 forecast said scattered thunderstorm when i was shooting this, there were dark clouds, thunder & lightning all around but i was still shooting, dumb eh?