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..odd name for a post, eh? well, the place where i shot this was (as i found out eventually) a nudist beach.. lolz..

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Love the tones what a wonderful landscape, I accidentally stumbled on a nudist beach once many years ago, funny thing was it was on an army excercice and I dotn knwo who was more shocked us at walking out of the bush onto a nudist beach, or the nudist seeing a bunch of soldiers walk out of the trees LOL

That is an amazing view, after I read the text with it I was kind of surprised, but than we only have sand coast, so the nudists here are more comfortable than here on the rocks….hope they take a pillow to sit on…. 😀
Once I hope to see this in real. (the bridge….)

So glad you explained it, Rian! 🙂 Who would have thought you’d find such a place here with that view. Makes you want to strip down in…awe and praise!

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