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still garrapata beach, a woman taking someone’s photo and a guy staring at the sea..

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its interesting, isn’t it? how we all have our little movements in this great dance. and we don’t even notice each other sometimes, so wrapped up are we taking photos or staring out to sea. you made a wonderful photo, rian. i love the girl by the water especially; her body language suggests photography as prayer.

Almost like two different images in one. I just happened to have my browser window kind of “short.” I first saw the guy looking to the sea. When I scrolled down, he scrolled off and I saw her. After that, it didn’t make sense to me that they are one image. A built in diptych. Try it!

I like this a lot, with the picture itself being cool but the different activities of the two people really make the shot. That woman is trying to get the perfect angle there without falling in.

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