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..when you started shooting, you must’ve seen some stunning images of hummingbirds and wanted to capture one yourself.. but if there aren’t any of them around you, well, tough luck.. or if there were, chances are, you don’t have the right lens on, or were too late pressing the shutter.. because they’re really FAST! ..well, it definitely wasn’t easy shooting this hummingbird, but i’m glad i got a decent shot.. 🙂

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decent…. decent…. WOW, this is far more than decent, to have a shot like this for ‘us’ is like once in a lifetime.
I love the colour of the flowers, you did so well, it is hard to concentrate on the rest if you focus on the bird.

There it is… very nice job indeed. Extremely difficult. I swear, I think people cheat and do it with video. Really great. Personally, I’d tone down the yellow in the plats a little to make the bird really stand out. But it does look very lush and appealing.

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