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..this here’s the park beside the city hall in philly..

..i know, the image’s title is totally unrelated.. the title is for that video down below, something i picked up from chase jarvis dot com.. some kind of cool 3d/2d thingy to play around with.. hit it up and try it out here.. just don’t do it in the office.. 🙂

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City Hall Square

Approaching the City Hall from the south side, this is what you’ll see – the 37 feet, 27 ton tower of the city founder, William Penn.

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Philly Hall

Today, I decided to venture out of the confines of NY. Disregarding the predicted dismal weather, I chose a place that’s accessible by public transportation & isn’t too vast that I’d need a vehicle (assuming I could drive one. lol). I went to the city of Philadelphia also known as the “City of Brotherly Love”. Below is the route I took while walking around the city. >=D

Shown here is the Philadelphia City Hall with One Liberty Place at the right side. The City Hall is the world’s tallest masonry building. Read more about it after the jump.

Philadelphia Trip Route