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augmented reality

..this here’s the park beside the city hall in philly..

..i know, the image’s title is totally unrelated.. the title is for that video down below, something i picked up from chase jarvis dot com.. some kind of cool 3d/2d thingy to play around with.. hit it up and try it out here.. just don’t do it in the office.. 🙂

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This interesting picture makes me wondering about the real utility of this kind of space: do people really benefit it spending some time there or was it simply a way to fulfill some “promise”?

Hey……. I really like this. I really like the colors… actually, I really like that it is devoid of blue on all that concrete. Normally, I’d expect to see an abundance of it in this type of shot. Also, there is a softness to it and yet with strong edges that is really nice. The selective color is really very nice. Good one!

back for another look. and i find the title is related. you’ve augmented the reality here by processing b/w and adding selective color. fantastic lines in this image.

a truly beautiful angle here! for some reason i missed this, well it’s because i don’t get to update often. but i really love this one rian!

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