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Sodom & Gomorrah

This day has been a series of fortunate events.. We just got out in time for the bus – no waiting in the bitter cold. Not that the weather sucked, on the contrary, the weather didn’t quite suck that much at all.. 😀 I also chanced upon a religious pamphlet on the seat I was about to take, and being the curious type, instead of just swatting it away from the seat, I got it and started to read it just to pass the time. But when I opened it, guess who was staring at me right in the face, it was my good friend Jackson! I just got me 20 bucks! Woohoo! And it got me a “free pass” to the Empire State building. Yep, this shot was taken from the Empire State, these pigeons just decided to pose for the shot. And to finish the day, it’s off to Serendipity 3 for dessert. Not that I expected to get in ‘coz that place almost always had a line at the door. But Lady Luck bared her pearly whites for us and we were soon gorging on gorgeous confections. Yummy! Now if only I could taste the $1000 dessert they’re offering, this day would be perfect. lol.

01/11/08 Update

I’m looking at this photo & it reminds me of the nuke explosion on Heroes. Isaac Mendez’ view from his apartment?

02/16/08 Update

Doing some bit of organization & I happened to find the pamphlet I was talking about. Looky here –> Pamphlet

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