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Looking Up Downtown

..looks weird doesn’t it, are you looking uptown or downtown..

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Outstanding image, great details in the buildings and love the tones. Usually a crowd of people is distracting, however in this shot they add a certain mood and effect which enhances the overall composition. Great work!

Did you cut and paste some pics together here or am I mistaken? 🙂 I’ve only been to NYC 2 times but this indeed is weird – uptown or downtown? Love the processing. Such clarity in the buildings! This could be from some 30’s movie!

@Arjan – PlasticDaisy: a-ha! you got it! this was actually shot in disneyland, hence the weird perspective.. if you were actually standing at 23rd St & 5th ave NYC, looking up(town) you’d see chrysler & empire, while looking down(town) you’d see the flatiron building.. that’s why i called this “looking up downtown”

@Liang: LOL! i guess i can pat myself on the back for fooling some of you, this is actually in disneyland.. 😉 well if this were in nyc, you’d have to be at the intersection of 23rd St & 5th avenue, then look up north (uptown) you’ll see chrysler & empire.. look down south (downtown) you’ll see the flatiron.. 😀

Ah, just seen your response which explains it all, just before I was about to write how stunning the architecture and effect is.

An excellent image, and I love your processing

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