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to the tune of..$$$

cooped up at home has it’s perks.. i got to catch up on some surfing.. and not a moment too soon! because there was these rumors spreading around about those new cams from Nikon & Canon, and true enough, Canon’s website confirmed that the 50D (ISO 12800!!) would be available soon.. (my 40D is just a few months old) the horror.. the horror.. well, this might be a significant upgrade for those of you using pre 40D’s ( 30D, 20D & 10D(?) ).. Nikon’s supposed D90 on the other hand.. they said it’s been pulled from the Circuit City ad, but it has GPS geotagging?! HD video?! wtf?!

dpreview -> 50D

dpreview -> D90 (not a rumor anymore)

and no, this guy wasn’t a panhandler.. he’s actually pretty good.. 🙂