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nyc deathray

..the empire state building’s tip, reminds me of a movie/cartoon i saw that had death rays in it..

..come on mankind, blast those aliens.. *pew*pew*pew*

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For some reason I have never seen or looked at it so closely and yes, it does look as if it could be dangerous. Nice shot – I like the green sky in relation to the building.

well, if you see from the ‘gone fishing’ post, the empire building seems soo far away.. i just used a 70-200 coupled with a 1.4TC to zoom in reaal close to it.. 😀

You were far away and got a really great shot. Before I read your comment, I was trying to think of where you could have been. The greenish sky really makes the title fit. Really nice. Also, nice to see a more local blog. I’ll be here a lot!

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