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gone fishing

..perched high up where wifey left me while she was going around looking for stuff.. similar to what crash experienced.. lol


..this is the same spot where i shot yesterday’s shot, and this one, and the pillow fight..

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I also love the framing and the wide angle presented here. The image itself is filled with joy, such as the clouds in the sky and the people. The colors work very well too!

mmm.. I beginning to suspect this is another photo of a photo (once bitten twice shy :P) I could be wrong. Great effect with trying to make it look like a ‘scope’ very nice and lovely color.

yep! sort of a “where’s waldo” thingy.. 😀 that ‘scope’ was a result of the fisheye cap that i didn’t remove.. i’m thinking this was the last shot that lens took before i sold it.. hmm.. 🙂

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