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tribute in light

..the twin beams of ‘tribute in light’ returned yesterday for a one night tribute to all those lost on 9/11 as well as those who worked in its aftermath.. the lights were located at West & Morris streets in Lower Manhattan, was on since sunset up until dawn this morning.. a plethora of people came out in droves to witness it yet again, including a BUNCH of photographers shown here..

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The world community that loved peace also went along commemorated 9/11. A photograph with the very good momentum. Plenty of photographers that did not want passed event good this. “Fill the World with the Love”. Regards from Yogyakarta Indonesia.

oh I have not seen this at all, i got you mixed up with someone else.. this is beautiful, as is the previous shot, you’re very good at night shots.. before i read the 9/11 info, i thought you were part of a photographer’s club and were all gathered together to shoot… but it’s much more poignant than that! great capture

i thought it was the Earth welcoming the aliens again until I read your description and was humbled by it. People who dies are no longer with us, but those who got left behind – lets hope life is kind to them and they find strength. Wonderfully captured.

A fine capture of the group of photographers doing their thing. The scene is the obvious reason (and a fine picture of its own), but the action of the shooters is the heart of the shot.

i didn’t view them as competitors.. i viewed them as subjects.. my first reaction when i saw them was amusement.. it’s a pity that some already left.. the more the merrier… 😀

Aside from the shot being beautifully executed, I must say my favorite thing is that you got the photographers capturing it. Really nicely done. An editorial wrapped in an editorial.

Wow Amazing shot Rian! I love the way you captured the photographers in front of this amazing and powerful memorial. It would have been amazing photo even without them but I think they add a little humor and to a somber memorial.

i shot this from the other side of Manhattan, from Liberty State Park and I had this image of a face come up in the arrangement of lights in a building. Its quite scary actually to people when they all of the sudden see the face. Contact me at if you want me to send you the file.

Also, great exposure! The water was rougher on the other side of the island and we didnt get near the refelctions you did. Nice work!

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