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curtain call

..went on a chilly walk down coney island’s boardwalk to see for our very own eyes if astroland was indeed closed.. what greeted us was a dimly lit astroland, with couples lounging on the benches, cyclists getting their evening wisp of fresh air, and joggers doggedly running for whatever reasons they may have.. the sky also seemed to tune in to astroland’s mood, a bloody red & black cape slowly creeping up and enveloping the former jewel of coney island..

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I grew up in Flatbush Brooklyn and spent my summers on Coney Island and there was the Wonder Wheel and the Parachute jump but no Astro Land – that is how old I am. I want to go check it out in a couple of weeks also. Love the mood in your shot and the “bloody” color :}

the parachute jump was the first thing i noticed when i first visited coney island, i really liked to get a ride on that one but found out that it was discontinued.. 🙁 but i hear that cyclone & wonder wheel will still be operating..

This is a gorgeous night shot. The sky is superb…not my specialty. I admire sky shots so much, but have only successfully capture one. This entire scene is just splendid.

A very impressive night shot with an exposure that captures the essence of the place so well. Change is always different and many times not for the better! 🙂

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