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..all series must come to an end…not this day though.. 😀

..still from yesterday’s post, this is one of the three(?) entrances to the AIG building, shot from across the street. i was actually shooting at the entrance when a security guy told me it’s prohibited to shoot there, he told me to cross the street and shoot from there (less than 10 meters away).. what’s the point? it’s early saturday morning & it’s not like i’m blocking anyone.. it’s not like me to complain so i just happily smashed the shutter repeatedly..

MAJOR BUMMER.. my web hosting is experiencing hiccups.. well, it’s not like i’m running a charity here so what the heck..

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Great image and nicely done! I appreciate the difficulties you went through to get this shot…. what’s the harm? I have been chased away from random locations before too. It’s hard to understand sometimes. How appropriate that the color tone looks cold and desolate… much like AIG itself these days.

There are few certainties in life; however, one of them is that security guards will always enforce non-sensible rules just to screw with tourists and photographers (Hess Law 2001.2345) because they’ve got nothing better to do. I ran into the same thing shooting some public art in front of a Bank of America building. I asked the guard if the sidewalk was public or private — public was the response…so I moved my tripod back a foot and shot the art anyway. It’s ridiculous at times.

these buildings and the way you process them, such clarity, it makes them look almost lacy like my old granny designed the patterns and laid them over like a doily.. i like it very much Rian, well done you

Once again, love the toning. Also love the lens.
No one can move you from a sidewalk, but then again this is now a government building! These downtown buildings are really great… I’ve got to get down there with a camera one day.

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