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AIG.. augh.. start off the week, and to continue the “fishy” financial district series, here’s the American International Building, owned of the AIG Insurance company.. i kept the liquor sign there for a reason.. according to

“Vodka and scotch sales are up, there’s no question about that,” said Chris Adams, executive vice president of Sherry-Lehmann Wines & Spirits, on 59th Street. He says that traffic in his store has increased this month—over the counter sales are up 23%, and delivery volume is up about 18%, compared to last year.

i posted something about this building a few weeks ago.. this perspective i think is to give you a sense of ‘being there’.. and for more, here’s an excerpt from

Built in 1930-1932 for the Cities Service Company.
This 289.5-metre, Gothic-like, spire-topped skyscraper was the tallest building in the Downtown area until the completion of the World Trade Center. It also was to be the last skyscraper to be built in Financial District in the pre-WW II years. It took until 1961 that another tall skyscraper rose to the area, in the form of the Chase Manhattan Bank.

..which i think will be tomorrow’s post.. 😀

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one way 2 way pine way pearl way.. there is only one way that makes sense to me here – the liquor way! I’m a man of simple tastes 😀

nice perspective. It does look very much like one being at the scene!

Well that’s definetely not a remake of 1929: nobody is jumping out of their office. They prefer buy some liquor and try to forget the crisis, waiting for better times 🙂

The toning made this image very unique! Good thing AIG got bailed out although it’s gonna hurt the taxpayers… That or another depression such as the 1930’s. Good thing you didn’t see people jumping out from the buildings!

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