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old fart reflections

old fart reflections

..nothing to see here.. just some old buildings..

..20 minutes digging through the internet gave me this..

  • the building in the reflection is the herald tower apartments..
  • the building producing the reflection is.. i have no idea, i just call it daffy’s.. lol

28 replies on “old fart reflections”

Wonderful how you captured the new reflecting the old. Wouldn’t it be nice if the new occasionally looked more like the old? Pretty soon we will have glass reflecting glass only.

Wow realyl cool reflection shot. ITs amazing how clear they are. I guess if someone is having a bad hair day they can go up to this building and use it for a mirror 🙂

Another absolutely stunning shot. Reflections can so often look better than the primary view, especially with architecture. This is another awesome image, great composition and nice saturation! Is this Brooklyn or Mobile? I’ve never been to Mobile so I’m clueless.

thanks! this is in the herald square area in manhattan.. i was a bit hesitant to post this because it’s one of those ‘tourist spots’ so this one must be pretty boring, but i decided to post it anyways.. i’m glad you guys liked it.. lol..

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