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hello?! get a phone signal after getting off of the subway, this is what you should do.. lol..

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Can you hear me now? lol…

I didn’t know if that’s what he was doing or if he might have been trying to take a picture backwards to test his skills…good one.

ooh.. my first visitor for today.. lol!

yeah, i know that he was taking a picture.. i just can’t think of anything funny to say today.. it’s a slooow day.. hehe..

This is good because this is the new look. I see this all the time whether to get a signal or to take a picture… everyone’s phone is up in the air at some point. *Your notes were plenty funny* Great street shot.

ooooh, i thought he was passionately raising his glass to his countrieis flag or something lol very nice capture, there’s definately a drama to it!! well done you!

Ha ha… I have tested this myself and found that pointing the phone to the heavens doesn’t work until you place your left hand behind your back and grip your trouser belt! So this guy knows what he’s doing 🙂

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