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urban peep show

..not that kind of peep show.. 😛

..tip of downtown manhattan taken off of the liberty island..

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I have taken a series of images from various scenic spots in several countries, all which feature the coin operated binoculars. It’s a theme I love, and naturally I think this is superb. The perspective is terrific, and the feeling of three sets of eyes, mine, the binoculars, and the camera lens, all looking at the scene, works so well.

First class

love the city skyline awaiting your peeping, great depth of field as it shows the peeping is the point lol can you really see that far in those? great shot Rian!!!

i like this composition and that you chose to keep the city just slightly out of focus. i’m always impressed with the way seattle lookswhen viewed from the ferry (the closest thing i can relate this perspective to) , usually it makes for a less than stellar photo though, i think you’ve found a pretty awesome solution here.

I like the composition you created with the close focus, but with the distance in sufficient detail to be easily understood and an intricate part of the shot. You’ve pulled this off very nicely.

The greatest ideas are the most simple. The only difficulty is we have a lot of work to distinguish the simple ones. Here you found it and realized an excellent picture from it!

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