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moleman series: villard houses

..if you’ve been watching Gossip Girl on the CW, by looking at this you would know that this is the hotel where Serena Van Der Woodsen (Blake Lively’s character) stayed when their UES apartment was under renovation..

..not familiar with that show? then here’s a better explanation.. 🙂

..this is the NY Palace Hotel’s facade, previously called the Villard Houses, bought by Harry Helmsley in the 1970s and was declared a landmark by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, both wings belong to non-profit organizations and to read more click here..

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Fascinating picture, love it, the link with it is beautiful, always nice to get some education about beautiful places like this, thanks a lot
BTW I love the template of your blog.

New York has so many places to photograph, and this place is no exception. Great use of fisheye again! i recently found a place in my area where it’s nice to do street shots. I will proceed on doing that the next couple of week! Great shot Rian!

Is this Christmas lights already? Beautiful capture. (You’re not pinging VFXY and you have me all confooozed…lol…I can’t tell when you’ve posted a new image) Love the capture. You do so well with these fisheye images.

This is another nice shot in this seiries. I’m really loving this lens. There is something about this that also makes me want to see it with an HDR treatment. Nice backstory, too! I keep my eyes peeled now when in NYC for places you’ve shown me here. I point and say ‘Hey.. there’s Rian’s place’. You’re becoming part of my city culture.

thanks! i’m always on the lookout for sights & places to visit.. 🙂

HDR? actually this shot could pass off for an HDR, it’s a combination of three exposures.. 😉

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