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..looks like the inside of a crater..shot on my last visit to Houston..

The Williams Waterwall is a gorgeous piece of architecture located right next to the Williams Tower in the Uptown District. The 60+ ft. tall structure is in the shape of a semi-circle, with water that cascades down over it and down a series of steps towards the bottom. When you stand in front of it, especially at night when it is illuminated by lights from beneath the water, it is really a spectacular sight. It is situated at the end of a lovely little park surrounded by oak trees, and is a favorite photo opportunity for locals and visitors alike in Houston.

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I guess I can say you applied the abstract style very nicely here Rian! Upon first glance I had to think what was on the photo until I had to read your description. Very nicely captured and the symmetry works well!

hmm.. i hadn’t noticed that it does indeed look like an abstract.. it’s a good thing i added the description, otherwise i’d be confusing viewers.. lol.. must add the “abstract” category then.. lol.. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks!

wow – this is really impressive – you’ve framed and processed it beautifully! (oh don’t worry, i’m not that deep either – i don’t understand half of what my photo teacher gives me to read!)

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