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moleman series: columbus circle

..and it’s monday again, i’m pretty much recharged, slept most of the time this weekend, i’m raring to go..go back to work, that is.. ๐Ÿ™‚’s another from this fishy series, shot from the 59th Street subway exit, underneath the Trump International Hotel & Tower’s Globe.. and that’s the Time Warner Center up the stairs..

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Another cool fisheye…the idea that you slept most of the weekend, that anyone did, is nearly painful as I did the opposite of that this weekend. Hey, get it where/when you can.

What I like about this shot is that the rails are not circled perfectly in the middle. Sorta reminds me of the bloomingdale photo I took a couple of weeks back. Grealy composed Rian!

This again reminds me of an inward facing ‘little planet’ image. I like this very much. The circle created by the lens and the metal railing coupled with the metal globe is perfect. It’s like a world within a world. Really nice job Rian.

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