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moleman series: charging bull

..saw this on the frontpage of amNY, “Bullish or Foolish?”.. the article that accompanied that headline  pertained to people still investing in stocks even though the market was down..

Charging Bull (sometimes called the Wall Street Bull or the Bowling Green Bull) is a 3,200?kg (7,000 pound) bronze sculpture by Arturo Di Modica that sits in Bowling Green park near Wall Street in New York City.

The sculpture depicts a bull, the symbol of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity, leaning back on its haunches and with its head lowered as if ready to charge.

The sculpture, one of the city’s most photographed artworks, has become a tourist destination in the Financial District. It has also come to be an unofficial symbol of the Financial District itself, and it often appears in the local news media to punctuate stories about optimism in the financial market.

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THIS is awesome, what time of the day were you here, how much did it cost you to get all the people out of this picture???
When I was in New York, they just opened 12 cans of stupid tourists that were sitting and even standing on the Bull, I never could take a proper shot of this remarkable sculpture.
You did a wonderful job, love it, I just keep staring.
( I just took a shot of all the idiots in front of the Bull, maybe I post it one day just for the fun of it……tittle…..’what tourist do……’ 🙂

Could it be the early hours in the morning that you were able to get a clear shot of this, Rian? Great description by the way of this sculpture! And as always, great shot!

lol! yeah, i know nyc’s infested with tourists that’s why i went there at around 6-7am.. the only person there was a musician singing.. 😀 thanks.. 🙂

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