feed the gators

..this is from the lake i was talking about yesterday, obviously we don’t have gators but this sign piqued my curiousity.. turns out, the only wildlife we had to worry about are 2 ducks, several turtles, some birds, some fishies and the occasional possum / hedgehog / rabbit.. 🙂

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Ah yes, but these are ducks with attitude who tote twelve bore shotguns and don’t take kindly to folk traipsing about on their land….

Ninja turtles, pirate possum, fist fighting fish……..

You have been warned ha ha

I have heard that turtles can be mean, so make sure you don’t turn your head away when you’re too close… say 15 feet or so, just to give you time to get away 😉

Great find and nicely captured. 🙂

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