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passing strange: fifth avenue 01

..after shooting some moleman series shots at The Rock, while i was waiting for wifey.. i decided to set up the tripod, focus on something and just mashed that shutter button.. call it an offshoot of the moleman series or what not, so here’s another series of shots that came out from a few minutes of boredom..

..Passing Strange is a broadway show.. i haven’t seen it yet, i just pulled that title out of nowhere, maybe because i’ve been seeing the ad everyday on my daily commute..

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My nephew piloted a very similar cab around the streets of Victoria, BC when he needed to scrape some cash together, my goodness he had to be fit!

Love the image blur, which really adds something to the composition. As does the lady studying the manikin, as though he were buck naked ha ha

Nice action shoot, like the motion in this. Is the cart turning? Saw the lady studying, mentally “undressing” the mannequin after reading Floogs comment… Great!

The cabby looks like he was just pulling around (?)….love motion against the backdrop of the mannequins in the window. NYC is a photographer’s playground.

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