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bait and switch

..still from last weekend’s trip to pensacola..

..obviously the pier was also meant for fishing so it was cool to find this bait on the planks.. not that i’m into fishing or anything like that but the funny thing was that i haven’t seen or touched a bait like this yet (i just used worms & various bugs).. it’s consistency felt so real, lifelike and like sashimi.. it’s good i had the presence of mind not to munch on it.. 😀

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Funny shot. The way it’s perched up there just cracks me up. Maybe there’s a giant fish that is trying to catch humans. Good thing you didn’t bite it.

I’m wondering what percentage of your presence of mind would have to be impaired before you DID decide to munch.

Being cold and wet here, your beachy shots from the past few days are serving only to annoy me. Though I do like this shot and the humorous quality of it, I do not find your tongue in cheek Pensacola references to be seasonably charitable.

if there weren’t anybody around, i’d have probably ventured a nibble or two.. hehe..

well, it’s cold and wet here too for the past few days, the weekend was just an exception.. and during the winter, i think southerners (is that what they’re called?) have it good.. 😀

Now I can see it was a teaser for the next post 🙂

You could also have shot with a deeper field, I guess it would have made an interesting composition with the vertical pole and the horizontal bait, both with bright colours.

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