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..pretty bad day, i’ve been hit by a train.. lol.. not really, i won’t be here posting if i was hit by one of these battering rams.. it’s just that i don’t get any email notifications whenever a comment gets posted here so it just sucks.. and i don’t want to spend the time debugging what’s wrong.. i wanna go out and walk around.. speaking of which, there’s just a bunch of people here in nyc right now so lugging around a tripod is not so practical so im just boosting up the ISOs in most of my shots (like yesterday).. besides, sharpness is overrated.. hehe..

..i think this one looks particularly cool because of the red circular thingy “radiating” off of the train’s “forehead”.. it reminds me of aquaman talking to the fishies.. 🙂

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Really nice shot. A train without movement isn’t that much fun. I knew exactly what you meant by the Aquaman reference, too. I’m not sure I’m happy about it now! The whole back of the train looks like an old fashioned robot head to me. I like the shot a lot.

Love the sense of motion in this one, and the colors blend so well. I think I like it better than if it hadn’t had any blurring.

As for not getting your emails, I’ve had that problem a few times. I fixed it once by using a different email account (a Hotmail one, I think) and once by just changing my profile to the email I wanted over and over again until I got the confirmation email and knew it had gone through. I never did trust the second option, though, since I think other emails got swallowed sometimes, too. Good luck!

I love reading your descriptions. You sound like you’re in a good mood even when you’re dissatisfied with something:-) Me and our oldest son, John do the same thing. We switch into cynical stand up comedian mode.…it does have a neat motion blur.

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