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your moment of zen

..a graffiti-laden ATM somewhere off SoHo… Katsu – (Japanese). In Japanese zen, an expletive uttered by one who has had a breakthrough experience, such as solving a kōan or realizing enlightenment (bodhi; satori). In ordinary usage, it is a verb meaning ‘to win’ or ‘to gain dominance over’. There is also another word pronounced ‘katsu’ that occurs in Zen literature represented by a different Chinese character which means simply ‘to shout’.

..John Stewart from The Daily Show always ends his show with “your moment of zen”.. well, every payday for me is a moment of zen.. lol! and i end every atm transaction with an expletive.. haha..

24 replies on “your moment of zen”

I like your street shot and the informative comment on expletives. A guy, recently, had tried two cards on a drive up ATM with rejection on each…and in frustration, stated pounding his steering wheel and uttering plenty of expletives… his moment of zen! 🙂

Too funny, I have stopped using ATM, too depressing 😉 Instead I ask for some extra when I am at the store, makes me totally oblivious as to how much I got left (if any)

I’m going to start yelling Katzu now instead of F*** when I get tossed in a endless loop without having performed the essential save first 😉

Great street shot 🙂

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