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po po 2

..well, here’s another look at a place i shot here & here..

..i was  pretty busy creating this timelapse video below, but it was rewarding & addicting.. check it out! ;D

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chipped nails of the many hazards of shopping..

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your moment of zen

..a graffiti-laden ATM somewhere off SoHo… Katsu – (Japanese). In Japanese zen, an expletive uttered by one who has had a breakthrough experience, such as solving a kōan or realizing enlightenment (bodhi; satori). In ordinary usage, it is a verb meaning ‘to win’ or ‘to gain dominance over’. There is also another word pronounced ‘katsu’ that occurs in Zen literature represented by a different Chinese character which means simply ‘to shout’.

..John Stewart from The Daily Show always ends his show with “your moment of zen”.. well, every payday for me is a moment of zen.. lol! and i end every atm transaction with an expletive.. haha..

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..start the new year right, bury yourselves in debt.. lol.. these “sale” signs are everywhere..

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Graffiti is not unusual in NYC.. it makes you take it for granted. Come to think of it, think you could do a better job? 😉

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Po Po Lounge

This is the Police Headquarters Building located at 240 Centre Street. Designed by the firm of Hoppin & Koen in an exuberant Edwardian Baroque style, it opened in 1909. The NYPD moved out in 1973 and it was converted to luxury condominiums in 1987. There are 55 apartments on six floors. 2-bedroom rents ranging from $7,000 – $11,500 & 2-bedroom sale ranging from $1.05M (1,750 sq. ft.) – $1.5M. Read more about it here.